Listen Up!

I have discovered a new podcast (new to me, that is), That Stack of Books, co-hosted by longtime KUOW radio host Steve Sher and the only librarian with her own action figure, Nancy Pearl. (Available on iTunes but I can’t figure out how to link to it for you!)

These longish episodes are the perfect length for my daily walks with Winston. The episode I listened to this morning was a must for every writer out there.

Steve interviewed Stewart O’Nan about his (then) new book, City of Secrets. The conversation about the book and its backstory was completely engaging but when the two shifted to the topic of writing, my heart began to race. I did not know Stewart O’Nan’s work (a flaw soon to be corrected) but clearly he has thought a lot about his craft. Since I was managing a dog on leash, I couldn’t stop to take notes but plan to listen again with paper and pen. The one line that I am definitely typing up to paste above my desk is this: “My superpower is keeping my butt in the chair.”

That pretty much sums up what it takes to be a writer.

Go listen to this podcast. Now!

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