Tuesday Poem

Each Tuesday morning, I’m sharing a poem that’s fresh out of my head onto paper. No revisions. It’s an exercise to help me jumpstart my creative day and I was kinda hoping some of you might try it, too!  If you do, please share.

It’s a game of hide and seek.

And this character is good at hiding.

I look for her as I drive down the street,

as I pick apples from our tree,

as I tear the lettuce for dinner’s salad.

“I will treat you well.”

This is the message I send her.

I won’t embarrass you. Though I may lead you down

the wrong path a time

or two.

And though I’ll put hurdles in yoru path

I’ll give you the strength and

legs long enough

to jump them.

I know you’re here somewhere.

The story needs you!

Ollie ollie in come free.