Every week I’m posting a “raw” poem — unedited, fresh off  the pen — in hopes that some of you will join me in this creative discipline! Cooking Beans water onion tomatoes Dull things each but simmered in my soup pot, with spices to fit my mood and the rainy day they will bubble into… Read more »

Every Tuesday this school year, I’m posting a raw poem. Unedited. Fresh out of the brain. Hoping to jumpstart my creative juices and yours as well. If you or your students follow my lead and write a “day” poem, please share it! (Today’s poem is inspired by the upcoming two busy months of travel.) The… Read more »

Each Tuesday morning, I’m sharing a poem that’s fresh out of my head onto paper. No revisions. It’s an exercise to help me jumpstart my creative day and I was kinda hoping some of you might try it, too!  If you do, please share. It’s a game of hide and seek. And this character is… Read more »

Inspired by a man I met last Thursday night, after a lecture on research/historical fiction. You stayed after the lecture. Dapper in your out of style windbreaker, hands shyly tucked into pockets. “May I tell you my story?” you asked in a quiet voice accented by a geography that no longer exists. I listen: You were fifteen…. Read more »