Tuesday Poem

We have hummingbirds year round here and I have named one┬áregular visitor Fred. You cannot believe the loud voice this little guy has, especially when I’ve had the audacity to let the feeder go dry.


The tiny hummer

carries a big message

as he (or she?) hovers outside my kitchen window

scolding me.

“Forget your coffee. Where’s my food?”

No Responses to “Tuesday Poem”

  1. NyAnne Morgan

    So glad to know that someone else names their hummers. We have one we call the Huminator? He waits on the jasmine trellis and rushes to the feeder every time another hummer attempts to land.

  2. Kirby Larson

    NyAnne — that’s a perfect name! It’s astonishing how aggressive those sweet little birds are.