Monday Musings

You know I adore Winston the Wonder Dog (who, by the way is 99% back to normal after being laid low by a tick bite). But sometimes I just have to chuckle at his behavior. This morning we were walking on the spit (officially the Millennium Trail) with Winston’s white tail waving like a flag, announcing to all that the Great Rabbit Hunter had arrived. Two steps into the walk, he was nose to ground, intently tracking his prey. . .which sat calmly on the trail 20 feet in front of us. We passed the bunny and Winston’s nose never once lifted. “Goofy dog,” I thought to myself. And took about two more steps before I realized I do the very same thing with my writing sometimes.

I’m proud of my self-discipline; the ability to keep the old nose to the grindstone. But the incident with Winston reminded me of some very good life advice I got one time though it was intended to apply to driving. That advice? Lift your chin up two inches. (It works, especially when stuck in slow traffic; it helps you chill and be more aware.) I find when I  take a breather and lift my head two inches (this is general more figurative than literal) from my computer screen, I often discover that something I’ve been struggling to find — the right word, a new take on a scene, a way out of a tight spot for a character.

For now, however, the rabbit and I are both thankful Winston rarely takes my advice.


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  1. C. Lee McKenzie

    Winston has the right idea. Taking a break, even if only for a few minutes, can unstick you and set you on the right path. I heard Salman Rushdie tell an audience that his most creative times are when he’s not writing.

  2. Alex T. Valencic

    So, I have been really bad about keeping up with blogs for several months now, which is why I have just now discovered that you’ve moved your blog over here! And as I was scrolling I saw the picture of Winston and just had to stop to read and comment because my dog, Shiloh (a beagle most likely mixed with a Jack Russell terrier) is so similar! Great lesson to learn here and one I will share with my students who often get caught in this trap, too!