Teacher Tuesday

Today’s quiz participant is Leigh Anne Eck, a 6th grade ELA teacher at Clark Middle School in Vincennes, Indiana. Leigh Anne became a teacher at the age of 43 and says, “It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”  Follow her on Twitter here @Teachr4 or read her blog, A Day in the Life.
Okay, here goes, Leigh Anne. You should never read and blank.
I read every night before I go to bed and know first hand that you should never read and take Tylenol PM.  I have done this before, and the next morning I could not remember a thing I read.
If you were invited to be on Oprah, what book would you bring for her to read?  
I would bring her the 2015 Newbery Medal and Honor Winners, Crossover, El Deafo, and Brown Girl Dreaming, because I think she would be a champion for all of the characters in the books and the difficulties they had to overcome.  Plus she needs to be aware of all of the great children’s literature that is available today.
What is the funniest book you’ve read?  
I do not read a lot of humorous books, but two that come to mind are The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester by Barbara O’Connor and Ungifted by Gordon Korman.  Both books have characters who remind me of former students who always made me laugh.
What is the saddest?  
I love what I call heart fiction, those books that make me cry.  So, picking the saddest book would be hard because I have read so many. The Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Patterson is one that I have read many times with my students.  Each time I read it, I still feel the raw, gut-wrenching emotion of Jesse losing someone he dearly loves, and yes, I still cry…every single time.
Favorite reading snack/beverage?  
My favorite reading snack goes back to my childhood.  My mother and I would go to the public library together on Saturday afternoon after the housecleaning was done.  That night, we would fix big bowls of popcorn and read together.  This is one of my favorite reading memories and still my favorite reading snack today.
What’s next on your TBR list? 
I just received a package yesterday with Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, All the Answers by Kate Messner and The War that saved Me by Kimberly Brubaker.  Those will be the next three I read.
Teachers, librarians, reading coaches, principals, custodians, lunch ladies, anyone with school connections: Please play along! Email me here and I’ll get you the questions so you, too, can be featured on Teacher Tuesday. 

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  1. Elizabeth Varadan, Author

    This seemed so coincidental: I used to teach sixth grade at a Clark Middle School, too, but it was in Georgia. On another note, I read Bridge to Terabitha, and it was a lovely book. Wonderful story, wonderfully written.

  2. Rosi

    I became a teacher at 45 after a career in advertising. It was a great decision for me as well. As usual, I have added books to my TBR list. You will love Fish in a Tree, Leigh Anne. Great book!

  3. cleemckenzie

    Thanks for the Tylenol tip. I can’t afford to read and not remember.

    I agree on Bridge to Terabitha. That’s a book that tugs at me.