Teacher Tuesday

Here’s what I love about this fun quiz — that teachers are sending it on to their friends and colleagues! Today’s guest Lara D. Francisco, was sent the quiz by Laura Cooper. Don’t be shy! You can forward these questions to your comrades in education, too!

Lara, you know the drill. The first question asks you to fill in the blank. You should never read and blank at the same time.

You should never read and ride in a car at the same time – I get car sick easily

If you were invited to be on Oprah, what book would you bring for her to read?

Anything by Tony Horwitz

What is the funniest book you’ve read?

Bossypants by Tina Fey

What is the saddest?

Most of the “Oprah List” books I’ve read. But more recently the last book in the Divergent series – Allegiant.

Favorite reading snack/beverage?

Coffee and cookies

What’s next on your TBR list?

Egg and Spoon, by Gregory McGuire.

Teachers, librarians, reading coaches, principals, custodians, lunch ladies, anyone with school connections: Please play along! Email me here and I’ll get you the questions so you, too, can be featured on Teacher Tuesday. 

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  1. Rosi

    I was pretty frustrated when I went to Amazon and couldn’t find a book called Anything by Tony Horwitz until I realized Lara meant any of his books — quite a list. I can see why she would recommend them! Egg and Spoon sounds extraordinary, and I am a woman who doesn’t read much fantasy. Thanks for another fun post and for extending my TBR list.