Thursday Thoughts

There is a terrific hardware store near our beach house. Not only does the store come with dogs — ginormous ones like Lucy and Josie, Great Dane mixes, and teeny-tiny ones like Chihuaua mix Marley — it comes with great advice. And it’s a totally family run endeavor.

As un-DIY as I am, I adore hardware stores. What are all those bolts and nuts and geegaws for? Standing in the aisle, I can imagine myself someone who could actually build a bookcase, repair a toilet (okay; that I can do) or install a new light fixture. 

Yesterday I was at the store hunting for some eyes and S hooks to hang a pair of pink (!) oars I purchased eight years ago. 

(clearly I am not speedy when it comes to home improvements) It was early afternoon and a high chair was set up near the front register. One of the littlest family members was trying to climb up for his pb&j after-preschool snack. I could hear the encouragement of several adults; one said something that really hit home. “You did it yesterday,” she said. “You can do it again today.”

As someone on the verge of a revision, I really needed to hear that wisdom. It’s been a couple of months since I sent off the manuscript, one that has a unique voice, something I’ve never tried before. I was beginning to fret that I wouldn’t be able to recapture that voice. That I wouldn’t be able to tackle the revision.

But now, I am feeling a bit more optimistic about it. I did it yesterday. I can do it again today.

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  1. Augusta Scattergood

    You made my day. Now how about painting that message on a sign, grab a geegaw or two to fancy it up, and send it off to your writer friends who could use that advice.
    Great message, Kirby!