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  1. Janet Wong

    Great post, Jone! I love the way you’re encouraging “Poetry Plus” (poetry plus other areas of the curriculum)!

  2. Carol Riggs

    Lovely to read your ponderings on poetry, Jone! Thanks for guesting her here, Kirby. 🙂 It’s also cool that some students really “get” poetry more, for whatever reason. I’m currently actually reading a novel in verse right now, called ELEVATED by Elana Johnson. A creative way to tell a story!

  3. Rosi

    Lovely choice of a poem for today. I love the Pantoum form and I also love writing Haikus. Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for crinkling my nose with your words. I would appreciate the comfort poem. I too have a friend “going home” as she puts it. What I choose to take to her when I visit is a poem. Or an acorn. Or the sent of daphne. Only the beautiful and true will do.

  5. Robyn Waters

    I loved reading How to Write a Poem. The words themselves were lyrical and created a magical dance. But when you repeated the lines, I found myself spinning and pulled into the music even more. Thank you, T.S.!