Sky Bars

When I wrote The Fences Between Us: The Diary of Piper Davis (Dear America, Scholastic), I gave Piper a sweet tooth for Sky Bar candy bars because those had been my mom’s favorites when she was a kid. It was just one of those fun little insider things that you include in a book but you don’t think about much. 

Until you get a photo like this one from Katelynn of Botkins Ohio who found Sky Bars (they still make them!) at her local gas station. 

Katelynn’s reading teacher, the amazing Michele Meyer, emailed me to say that they’ve cleaned out the local supply. Sky Bars are now the hot commodity at Botkins School and will be awarded to some super readers during their Fun Friday events.

You can’t plan connections like this. I love it!

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  1. Rosi

    Hmmmm. I left a comment yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. You must have been thrilled by this story. You have left your mark! How nice that must be for you.