Saturday Surprise

I am giddy over this:

So excited that I’ve been given the okay for this cover reveal (Dash will pub in Fall 2014; Scholastic).

The working title of this manuscript was Love, Mitsi, which I loved. However, once Duke was published, it seemed this companion book should have a more. . . companionable title. I thought — briefly! — about using the name of Mitsi Shiraishi’s dog (Mitsi was the inspiration for the new book) but my editor wasn’t crazy about Chubby for a title. And who can blame her?

Our hero was called many things, including Blaze and Rusty, before we settled on Dash. And how perfect that using this name honors my good friend and writing buddy Mary Nethery (Dash is her beloved cat/muse).

Dashiell Nethery, lost in thought

I think both the new title and the cover are purrrfect!

No Responses to “Saturday Surprise”

  1. Anonymous

    wonderful cover. I dig the newsprint background. I wonder if that will appeal to boys. congrats.

  2. KarenC

    Who wouldn’t pick up a book with that title?
    And written by Kirby Larson to boot! Place
    my order.

  3. Katy V

    Cover art is often the first and most powerful invitation to read:) DASH = WOW! Congratulations, Kirby!