Meet Duke

I‘m pleased to announce the publication of my 11th book, DUKE, which tells the story of Hobie Hanson who loans his German Shepherd, Duke, to the Dogs for Defense program during WWII. Hobie thinks Duke will be helping to guard the Boeing airplane plant, but he’s done such a crackerjack job of training him, that Duke’s enlisted in the K-9 corps! 

During the war, everyone at home pitched in — buying war stamps and bonds, saving scrap metal and paper, growing Victory Gardens. And thousands of American families truly did loan their family pets to Uncle Sam. 

Duke has received a starred review, from Kirkus

“. . .Authentic details, such as radio drama, ration stamps and the ever-present worry of a telegram bearing terrible news, enrich this story of a boy and his dog. References to the Japanese internment and anti-German prejudice bring the war even closer to home. However, Hobie is no perfect hero. He wrestles with his decisions, making mistakes along the way; a refusal to glamorize war sets this story apart. The universal anguish Hobie feels in his sacrifice will touch readers struggling to make sense of their own losses. Exceptionally well-crafted and emotionally authentic.”

 You can listen to me talk about writing the book here.

If you live in the Puget Sound area, I’d love for you to come to the book launch at 3rd Place Books (Lake Forest Park) on Sunday, September 15, at 5:30 pm.  

A portion of the event’s book sales will go to support Reading with Rover, one of my favorite local organizations.

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  1. Emily C

    Kirby, after I found one of my absolute FAVORITE books in the world, the one where I encountered the lovely Piper Davis, in my school library this year (I had already read the book before I knew my library owned it), I noticed two books next to it, unaware of the author. I then fell in love with Hattie, and no sooner did I realize that Hattie and Piper shared the same author!! 🙂

    What a small world! I got all giddy and excited and couldn’t believe that two books that I loved so much were written by the same author and I didn’t even know it! 🙂