Friend Friday

Helen Sedwick and I share a passion for historical fiction and that’s why she contacted me to tell me about her first book, Coyote Winds, and she was gracious enough to gift me with the ebook.

Here is the book’s description: “Set on the broad expanse of the prairie, COYOTE WINDS portrays the unfenced boyhood of Myles Vincent as he hunts rabbits, snares rattlesnakes, and tames a wild coyote pup in the 1930s, and then watches the life he loves disappear in the wind. It explores the American spirit that drew families to the frontier and the consequences of that spirit, both good and bad. And it asks whether that spirit will survive the over-supervised life of a modern boy.”

Kirkus calls it “a well-crafted, entertaining read,” and ForeWord Reviews says, “Young readers will be drawn into an engaging story that broaches serious questions about family, the American spirit, and hope.”

Kind of hard to resist a story with this opening line: “Only when the gopher fell from the sky, nearly hitting him, did Myles Vincent put down his ax and look up.”

Check out Helen’s book today!

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  1. LinWash

    I’ll look for that. By the way, you were very kind to me when I wrote part of my grad thesis on HATTIE BIG SKY. I can’t wait to read HATTIE EVER AFTER!