A Much Needed Smile

If you follow this blog you know I don’t usually post anything except on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays but when you get a heartwarming email, especially after the month I’ve had, you just gotta share.

The email was from the mom of a young lady I met while on tour for Hattie Ever After. That novel mentions opera star Luisa Tetrazzini, who was/is quite famous in San Francisco for a free Christmas Eve concert she gave in 1910. Here is what the mom shared with me:

In a funny coincidence, my daughter has been asked to sing in San Francisco this coming week with the Bach Choir, who are doing a series of songs about SF, including the songs that Luisa Tetrazzini sang at Lotta’s Fountain in 1910! We thought you’d appreciate the fact that people are still remembering that event. Take care!

The 1910 concert; photo from the SF Chronicle

p.s.  Daughter is reading Hattie Big Sky, and in our warm California spring asked me to bring her an extra quilt because your descriptions of the winter had made her feel too cold to sleep.

Sigh. My job here is done.

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