Friend Friday

What better way to begin the new year than with this lovely story. A few years ago, I was honored to learn that a young reader from California, Eleanore Hamilton, received an honorable mention in the Letters About Literature program for a letter she wrote to me about how much Hattie Big Sky meant to her. (find my post about that here)

A few weeks ago, I received this charming email from Eleanore:

Hello Mrs. Larson!
It’s Eleanore Hamilton. I wrote the letter to you about Hattie Big Sky through Letters About Literature 3 years ago. Remember? 🙂
Well! You won’t believe what has happened since then! I wrote and published a book! It is called Violin Notes, A Playing Journal with Tips and Tricks to keep the Violin Fun. It is meant to turn violin practice into play.
I just wanted to tell you that because it it kind of a full circle: you wrote a book; I read it; I wrote something about your book; you read what I wrote; you wrote something about what I wrote; and now, I have written a book and I want to inscribe and send a copy to you! 
Thank you for being the very, very original spark to write something that will affect someone in a good way.

I am on cloud nine about Eleanore’s book, and though I am most musically un-inclined, I can’t wait for my own copy. I suspect to find great tips that could apply to writing as well as making music.

Learn more about Eleanore by listening to this interview and check out her beautiful website. She (and her sister) have definitely inspired me to host a parlor party in 2013!

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  1. Elizabeth O. Dulemba

    What a wonderful story! I’m going to share it with our own Center for the Book here in Georgia. Amazing stories come out of that program – so cool. 🙂 e

  2. Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina

    What a lovely turn of events. Congratulations to both you and Eleanore for inspiring others. I read Hattie Big Sky and loved it. Now I want to read Violin Notes, even though I don’t play violin and never plan to, but I do love music. Thanks for this nice share!