Teacher Tuesday

Here’s a slightly different take on the Teacher Tuesday feature. It begins with a lovely email Mary Nethery and I received in early November:

Dear Kirby and Mary,

Thanks for the beautiful collaboration of The Two Bobbies. I work with National Dance Institute in NYC, and this year, we are creating dances and shows about NOLA. I am hoping to create a dance utilizing the story of the two Bobbies on young dancers.

That said, I teach nearly 700 kids a week, in NY and Hoboken, NJ. Both communities were affected by our recent Hurricane Sandy. I have been digging deep for ways to help the children cope with massive amounts of loss and expressing their feelings. My boyfriend, who is trained a psychologist and I are going to write a lesson plan, suggesting use of your book, using a dance therapy approach. We will post it for free use and sharing on my blog.

Thanks for your meaningful timeless work!


This was a particularly meaningful email on many levels. First, Mary and I continue to be humbled by the way the Two Bobs still finds new readers — and new hearts to touch — four years after publication. And we were thrilled at this creative way to use our story to inspire healing (especially apropos to Mary, a former dancer herself). We’ve back and forthed a bit with Jenn and she was kind enough to send us some photos. They speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Two kinders as Bobbie and Bob Cat

Bobbie and Bob Cat reconnected at Celebration Station

First graders favorite part of story–learning that Bob Cat is blind

Showing how the Bobbies felt when they were left on the front porch

Children as the littered streets, after the hurricane

Learn more about Jenn’s work with National Dance Institute here.

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