Friend Friday

I know he is a liar and a thief, but I dare you not to take Will Sparrow into your heart! Sold off by his father for a few mugs of ale, Will does his best to keep fit and fed. But when hunger trumps his better judgment, he must take to the road. And not the high road; not in the least. A warning to the faint of heart: much thievery and lying abounds in said tale. Our Will is not a very good thief, however, and he is soon at the mercy of road warriors much cagier than he.

Will Sparrow's Road
Eventually, Will finds his way to a group of “fair folk” and to family. But what a family, including a cat girl and a dwarf very handy with his fists. 

Will Sparrow’s Road is Karen Cushman‘s first male main character and she nails it. Kirkus calls it “a compelling coming-of-age road trip,” but it is much more than that. It is a feisty look at what it takes to find a place to belong.

Of course you will want to add this to your library, and of course, you will purchase it from your local independent bookstore!

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