Tuesday’s Tip

3 X 5 note cards.

That’s today’s tip. Get yourself some of these. You can buy the plain white ones or the fancy colored ones. With lines or without. Just buy a pack of 50 or so.

Set a handful on your desk. Pick up the first card. Use a pencil or a pen — your choice!– and write down ONE thing your character might do in this story you’re working on. Set that card aside. Pick up another one. Write down ONE thing your character might do in this story you’re working on. Repeat process until you’re bored, tired or it’s time to walk the dog. What you should have in front of you is a respectable stack of potential scenes for your book.

Tomorrow when you sit down to work, pick a card. Any card. And write that scene!

You might not use it in the final draft but no writing is ever wasted. 
I promise.

No Responses to “Tuesday’s Tip”

  1. Carol Baldwin

    Great idea! Thanks. I have been using 3×5 cards for creating plot lines. this would work too! Sometimes it’s fun to get away from the computer too.

  2. Lynne Kelly

    I love index cards! Will have to try this for the MG novel I’m working on. Sounds like a great activity for when I’m staring at a blank screen, not knowing what to write.

  3. Sharon Lovejoy

    I love this! I used to always carry cards in my backpack, but now it is random bits of paper, which is a disaster. I’ll give this a go and toast you!
    P.S. My editor at RH (Michelle) sent me a copy of Hattie Big Sky when I signed with them. Wonderful, wonderful book, wonderful, wonderful Michelle.