Remembering Heather

About a year ago, I participated in a fundraiser for the Yuen Lui Guild of Seattle Children’s Hospital by visiting kids and reading to them from my books. Each child I met got to choose one of my books to keep, thanks to the generosity of the guild sponsors.

One of the children I met that day was Heather. She listened politely as I read her the Two Bobbies and then she asked me if I wanted to hear the book she’d written. I sure did! The Dog’s Point of View completely cracked me up. Here are the opening lines:

Hi. My name is Rex. I’m a dog. I’m going to tell you my point of view of human rules. RULE #1 — no drinking out of the toilet. You have got to be kidding me! Drinking out of my bowl; that is so disgusting. I am not a pig, gosh!

I loved the story and suggested that Heather’s mom and dad get it published. They did, and I am proud to say I own a wonderful hardcover copy, complete with CD of Heather reading the story.

Last July, shortly after the book got published, Heather passed away. She was an adorable spark plug of a kid and deserved a long and crazy and funny life.

This afternoon, I’ll join with some other folks at Tumwater Hill Elementary to remember Heather. An artist has built and painted a chair in her honor. And all the kids at her school will be able to sit in that chair when they visit the library. 

One of my favorite pages — Winston’s, too!

 I hope they all get a chance to read The Dog’s Point of View while they sit in that very special chair.

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