Nineteen Nominations

I am so blessed. Not only did I get to write this book about two good friends WITH my good friend, Mary Nethery, it has made friends with readers of all ages, all over this country. 
We’ve just learned that it’s been nominated for a 2012-2013 Florida Reading Association Children’s Book Award (K-2).

That’s the Two Bobs‘ 19th reader’s choice nomination. Wow.
Thanks to Best Friends Animal Society for rescuing the Bobs (and thousands of other animals), to Melinda Golis for adopting these two best buds, and to Jean Cassels for capturing their story so poignantly in her illustrations.

Biggest thanks to Bobbie dog and Bob Cat who showed the world what can be accomplished when you’re willing to lend someone a paw. . .or a hand.

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  1. Stacey

    I haven’t seen this book yet, but I really want to get my hands on it asap! I was in Kanab a decade ago, but rolled into town too late to make it to Best Friends. I read the book about the incredible book they do several years ago and have been impressed ever since.