The Friendship Doll Brings New Friends

I get mail from readers and occasionally packages. But, I have never, ever received a package like the one that came from three girls in Mrs. Van Aken’s class. The girls — Brooklyn, Kiley and now Emma– have been friends since they discovered The Fences Between Us. But The Friendship Doll really spoke to them. Can you understand why my heart nearly burst with joy when I opened the box (with help from Winston) to discover wonderful little vignettes from the book?
Winston checks things out
What could this be?
Treasures belonging to Bunny, Lois, Willie Mae and Lucy
Bunny’s special Gold Medal Crayons

Lois’ Amelia Earhart hanky–knotted to hold her quarter

A state quarter, thoughtful messages and the star Lois wished on!
Willie Mae’s poems

Brooklyn, Kiley and Emma’s wish to see the Space Needle
Lucy’s treasures

Pennies earned for writing letters; one blue ribbon and one green ribbon
A treat for the author. . .who’s not sure she’ll share

Where’s my treat? wonders Winston
I believe this too!

No Responses to “The Friendship Doll Brings New Friends”

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Kirby, We love that you loved your package. We can see Winston was a HUGE help.
    We love your books.
    Your book lovers, Kiley, Brooklyn, and Emma

  2. sally apokedak

    Very cool package! I haven’t gotten to read The Friendship Doll yet. I have it at the top of my stack. I mean on the front page of my Kindle. Can’t wait.