My New Year’s resolution to give up coffee lasted exactly three days, until a crashing headache kept me awake all night. What was I thinking?

But my resolution to update my office is one I’m firmly sticking to. An easy-to-read monitor and Mini Mac are replacing my laptop which has led to the need for a different desk, better suited to the new set-up.
Dust, junk and computer not included

So, if you live in the Seattle area and are in need of a 5′ long desk,* with 5′ long keyboard platform, shoot me an email. Added bonus: this is the desk at which I wrote the Newbery Honor book, Hattie Big Sky. Who knows? It could bring you some writing luck, too!

*there’s a 4′ wide bookcase, too.

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  1. Leslie Davis Guccione

    Love this post. And from over here on the MA coast, tea as a coffee sub lasted three days, too. I also love your suggestions for the work center update.

    Seriously, that desk wold make a great auction item for a local book-related/school/library fundraiser! Hattie Big Sky. Be still my heart.

  2. Faith E. Hough

    Oh, good luck with the coffee. I decided in college to never. get. addicted. and I’m holding firm. I’m not sure how I write without caffeine! 🙂

    • Kirby Larson

      If you need a good monitor, my son-in-law found me one at New Egg: Asus. Good price. Not as beautiful as the Apple monitors but, as s-i-l pointed out, I could buy another mini-Mac with what I saved!

  3. Emilie

    Leslie, I would love to find a way to ship you that desk–it’s the least I can do, even if it’s not at all a practical display of my thanks:) Kirby, I’m so tempted to ask about that desk and bookcase for myself, but I think I need to hold off. I hope it finds a good home!

    • Kirby Larson

      Emilie, the desk may have found a home; actually, the bookcase, too. Lucky for you! 😉 that would have been a BIG package to mail.

  4. Robyn Hood Black

    I recently brought in a huge old desk INTO my office/studio – for a relief printing surface, and the drawers are perfect to file my haiku. But whenever I get my office in some semblance of shape, some other part of the house tips over in chaotic neglect, and vice versa. Wanna come help me clean out closets this weekend?! Seriously, I hope such a special desk finds its perfect new writer, who will be thrilled to have it!