Announcing the Kirbery Awards

Let me start off by saying I can’t even imagine the challenges facing a Newbery committee. Getting 15 book fanatics to agree on a few titles? Im. Possible. 

But if Mr. Newbery had given me a magic wand for this year, I would have waved it over a few titles the committee overlooked:
Amelia Lost, by Candace Fleming. Fleming and flyers: what could be better???
Horton Halfpott, by Tom Angleberger.  This story begins with a riff on a corset and ends well for the least-born of the manor. Classic.

Hound Dog True, by Linda Urban. Linda can do more with fewer words than anyone I know. And I am in therapy to get over my jealousy of her creating a guide to life based on a school custodian’s methods. 
The Trouble with May Amelia, by Jennifer Holm. In my humble opinion, this is Jenni’s best. BEST. And you don’t have to be Finnish to appreciate May Amelia’s ups and downs.
 What books are you passionate about that were overlooked? I will gladly pass my wand on to you!

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  1. storyqueen

    I loved Breadcrumbs! And I have heard such good things about Hound Dog True and The Friendship Doll that I am surprised they didn’t get a nod. (Would it have been so bad to have have a couple more honor books??)

    Anyway, I am excited to read the winners, that is for sure.


  2. Bill

    I have to add Okay for Now and Bird in a Box. Two wonderful books that were hits with the Bailey Newbery club.

  3. Kirby Larson

    Am adding Breadcrumbs and Bird in a Box to my to-read list. And,Bill, how could I overlook Okay for Now? Especially being the bird lover that I am (as well as big Gary Schmidt fan)?

  4. Kirby Larson

    Malissa, I do agree. I feel rotten about the oversight. Now I’m beginning to understand why it’s such a challenge to be on an awards committee!

  5. Katherine Sokolowski

    I agree with Colby, The Friendship Doll was beautiful. I loved Breadcrumbs, Okay for Now, and Bigger than a Bread Box as well as all of the amazing books you mentioned. Too many wonderful books – what a great problem to have.

  6. QNPoohBear

    The Wonder of Charlie Anne by Kimberly Newton Fusco was the best book of 2011 in my opinion. It’s a book every school should have on hand and every teacher should read to their kids.

  7. QNPoohBear

    I liked May Amelia a lot. I haven’t read any of the 2011 nominees but was disappointed that The Wonder of Charlie Anne by Kimberly Newton Fusco wasn’t nominated for 2011. It was the best book I’ve read in a very long time and I think every teacher should have it for their class.