A Passing

High school graduation
Neil’s father, Ted Larson, passed away on Friday. He was one of those guys everyone liked — maybe because he took the time to be interested in others. He grew up on a farm in Clearbrook, Washington, with Canada as his backyard. The first few years of his life, only Swedish was spoken in the family home but that changed when “Teddy” started school. 
He was a child of the Great Depression and, after serving in World War II, started a CPA firm that is now known as Larson Gross, still in business after 60 years. He loved his family, growing things, cold martinis, dinners with good friends, reciting poems like The Cremation of Sam McGee, the WSU Cougars, and a lively game of pinochle.
90th birthday

Rest in peace, you dear sweet man.

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  1. KarenC

    I don’t believe in angels but if I did, they would look like Ted Larson, sweet and funny, with a deck of cards in one hand and a martini in the other. Oh, if only…