Having a wonderful time! Wish you were here so you could see these great kids and teachers and librarians. I will never forget Gabriel who, on hearing that I had received many, many rejection letters in my early career became quite indignant and said he thought all of those editors should apologize to me and be quick about it! I appreciated his support but confessed to him that those early stories deserved the rejections. Then there was Daniel today who noticed me cleaning my reading classes on my sweater hem and presented me with a microfiber lens cleaner, pocket sized!

Yesterday, I visited Dow’s Prairie school in McKinleyville where my awesome time with kids and staff was capped off with a salad potluck and homemade apple pie! Librarian Julie Benedict knocked herself out making sure the kids knew about my books and the teachers got on board with writing and art projects. Lucky kids to be so cared for at that great school! Here are some of the 1st graders Violet the contemptible cow drawings — after she tangled with the wolf!

Here is the display that greeted me in the library:

Friendship haikus in honor of The Friendship Doll:

And my favorite– a masking tape rectangle to show the kids how big Hattie’s claim shack would’ve been!

Today, it was a morning only visit at North Coast Charter school (forgot to take photos) where the little ones knew the Two Bobbies by heart and even though it was pajama day were rapt listeners when I read them the book. The older kids (no pjs) kept me on my toes with their good questions, including one young man who asked if I liked Tolkein or the Hardy Boys better. How does one answer that?!

Home at the hotel to rest a bit before the banquet tonight — which each of the 25 authors/illustrators dread because we each have to speak for 3-5 minutes. Yikes! Tomorrow’s the big book sale and then I wing home, and will be in my own bed by midnight, if all goes well.

Love this festival!

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  1. Robyn Hood Black

    Sounds like an AMAZING festival! Lucky kids, and authors, too. I love those Friendship haikus, and the cows, and the claim shack! Enjoy the rest of your visit.