Mary Casanova’s New Book

I first met Mary Casanova at the Children’s Lit Festival in Warrenburg, Missouri. We bonded over consignment store shopping and daughters’ weddings. I’m very very fond of Mary though I do have a hard time understanding how someone cheerfully chooses to live in one of the coldest places in the country: Ranier, Minnesota (though not sure it’s cold right now). Mary is one of those people who cheers you right up every time you chat with her so I wish we got to chat more often.

She’s put her wicked good sense of humor and writing skills to work on a really fun new picture book, The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town. Ard Hoyt’s illustrations play off the text beautifully making this an all round satisfying and funny read. Don’t neglect the end papers! And buy a copy for your favorite librarian!

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  1. Stella

    Mary is a lovely person and wonderful writer. I met her at Chatauqua a few years ago and look forward to reading her new book.

  2. Mary Casanova

    Kirby, thanks for posting about DIRK YELLER! The opening lines came to me in the middle of the night: “The day Dirk Yeller came to town, the wind curled its lip, cattle quit lowin’ and tumbleweeds quit tumblin’ along.” I got up, wrote them down, and in the morning sat down to write the first draft. Now Dirk–a restless outlaw who isn’t a real strong reader–is out in the world. I hope he’ll round up lots of restless readers!

    Thanks again, Kirby!!