Graduation Photos

One picture’s worth a thousand words: here are a few photos from my recent trip to Whidbey Island for Grier Jewell’s graduation:

Me and Grier, post graduation/sans mortarboard

Me and Grier with the second cutest dog in the world, Popeye (just kidding, Grier!)

Grier with her grrrl guides: Bonny Becker and Carmen Bernier-Grand    

Note those amazing walking sticks: they are hand-carved by former NILA registrar, Elaine Woods, and traditionally gifted by the program to each graduate. Grier decided to honor her advisors by asking Elaine to carve walking sticks for them. Bonny’s was bedecked with pears and Carmen’s with cherries — lovely images which connoted how their efforts bear fruit in their students.

Looking for a wonderful MFA program? Be sure to check out NILA.

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