I LOVE Augusta Scattergood!

Barbara O’Connor sent me this link to a really wonderful review of The Friendship Doll by Augusta Scattergood. I love her comments about what is historical fiction —  I definitely have to chat with her some day over a good cup of coffee. Even though I might make mistakes (and even though I drive the poor Delacorte copy editor crazy), I do work hard to get the historical details right. If I didn’t dig and dig, I might never have found out that passengers did have to hop out of their cars so the drivers could baby those buggies over some of the hills on Route 66. Or I would’ve missed learning about Sally Rand’s scandalous fan dance at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. Or never known about those brave and faithful Kentucky Pack Horse librarians.

I cannot wait to return the review favor when Augusta’s first book, Glory Be, comes out in January. The cover alone makes me want to stand up and shout! 

Don’t you just know that the story inside’s going to be amazing?

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  1. Augusta Scattergood

    Books like The Friendship Doll make me wish I were still a school librarian. I would really love sharing “her” with my former colleagues and students. (Which I will do via email with my teacher friends.)
    And thanks for mentioning Glory Be and sharing the cover.

    Too bad we don’t live up the road a piece to share iced tea on the front porch. It would be fun to meet you!