Good News about Children’s Literature

Good news is always welcome and I was pleased to learn about a blog on the Children’s Literature Network, What’s Right with Children’s Literature, written by Tom Owens. He told me he believes that, despite all the negative chatter out there, there is hope for children’s literature, and “those voices of hope need to be heard often.” That belief led him to create his blog.

According to the site, the CLN was co-founded by Marsha Wilson Chall, author and assistant professor at Hamline University; Bonnie Graves, author and educator; Steve Palmquist, technologist; Vicki Palmquist, children’s literature enthusiast; and Karen Ritz, author/illustrator.

I spent a few minutes poking around on the site, which features a plethora of information — you can learn about new books, or watch videos/book trailers (check out Gennifer Choldenko’s!). There’s a magazine, calendar of events, spotlight on new books and even a list of book creator birthdays. It seems like a great resource so check it out.

And check back in August when I am Tom’s guest blogger, answering two “simple” questions:
  • What’s good right now about children’s literature?
  • What can make that “good” better?

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    1. Kelly Butcher

      Thank you for sharing this resource! I will be sharing it with all of the librarians in my school district!