Though I never got a beignet at Cafe du Monde (the line went around the block!), my ALA experience in New Orleans was too much fun. What’s the best part? 
Catching up with librarian friends? 
My buddy from Bowling Green, Alecia Marcum
Meeting old and making new writer friends? 
Not even the heat and humidity phase Clare Vanderpool

One of the Texas Sweethearts, Jessica Anderson

Kimberly Marcus’ picture book is hysterical — can’t wait to read her novel, Exposed

Adrienne Yorinks and Jeanette Larson share my love for hummingbirds
Celebrating Jenni Holm (for the third time!) as she won the Newbery Honor for A Turtle in Paradise (she rocked the joint in her Lily Pulitzer, by the way)? 
Guess which dummy did not get a photo of Jenni looking glam?
Sampling some of the Big Easy’s best eating (thanks to my driver for the recommendation of the Ernest Cafe and to Dianne de Las Casas for suggesting Ramblas where my agent and I enjoyed the most amazing scallops served in a cigar box)? 
Or being on a panel with super-star Children’s Lit prof, Sandy Imdieke and two Silver Sisters, Jenni Holm and Ingrid Law. If they ever tire of writing for children, those two could make a killing as stand-up comedians. 
Are you allowed to have that much fun doing a panel for ALA?

Though there is something overwhelming about the exhibit floor, there is something exhilarating too. All. Those. Books. And all those people who love books. Some love them too much. I saw more than one librarian doggedly dragging heavy bags of books off the exhibit floor and onto the shuttle buses. Some enterprising teens could make a killing hiring out as book caddies during the conference!
If you couldn’t make it, there’ll be lots of other folks blogging, tweeting and facebooking about the conference. My favorite post is here.
Speaking of Twitter: I gave tweeting a go during ALA. And now I’m giving it a pass. I just can’t keep up. I do think it’s fun but, while my editor looks mild-mannered, she will absolutely channel her inner Viola Swamp if I do not make my August book deadline. So I apologize to my followers. 

You should’ve known better than to follow a birdbrain like me!

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  1. Jess Stork

    I agree… the exhibit floors can be overwhelming. So many good books… so little time. Sometimes, I think people hit sensory overload in there. I know I probably missed discovering another couple of good books just because I couldn’t process everything.