Winston Wonders

Not that I think one species is better than another, but it does seem to me that more writers and illustrators have dogs than have cats. I mean, my cousin Dash is Mary Nethery‘s right hand feline, and Karen Cushman and Cynthia Leitich Smith get a ton of help from their purrfect pals. But even counting my dew claws, I don’t have enough “toes” to count up all the writer dogs I know: Cynthia Lord‘s Milo; Barbara O’Connor‘s Ruby and Mattie; Lois Lowry‘s Alfie; Kathryn Galbraith‘s Teddy; Bonny Becker‘s Henry; Sara Easterly has Peetey and Lucy; Jaime Temairik has Logan; and then there are a bunch of great writers whose dogs I haven’t met yet: Kim Baker, Martha Brockenbrough, Grier Jewell, Laura Kvasnosky, Joni Sensel, and Trenton Lee Stewart, just to name a few.

So all you new writers and illustrators out there wanting advice on how to break in to the biz? 

Get a dog.


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  1. Martha Brockenbrough

    Hi, Winston! You have to meet Graham and Rosie. Graham will show you how to go up (and down) a slide. Lois Lowry had a funny bit at last summer’s SCBWI meeting–the No. 1 question kids ask her is “do you have a dog?”

  2. Mary Nethery

    uh, Winnie B? Your cousin Dash here. Do I need to swat you over the head with a doggy cookie? The last time I had to do that you were eating manuscript pages. I bet T.S. Eliot had a cat.
    The frosting on your cake,
    Dashiell A. Nethery