Happy Easter!

Many blurry hours ago I left home (only forgetting my face wash and electrical adapter for Germany) flying first to Frankfurt and then by train to Stuttgart where Patrick, Tessie and little Jane Hughes picked me up for the short drive to village. Tessie immediately put me to bed in the most comfy bed on earth, complete with a poofy European duvet. After a nap, I caught up with the family –newly arrived in Germany in November– for a dinner of barbecue chicken and spaetzle (yum), all the while breathing in the aroma of a Black Forest cake Tessie had baked for Easter. We had a lovely evening but i faded by 9:30 and returned to my cloud of a bed. Now it’s 5 am and i’M wide awake listening to the cheerful German birds outside my window.

As soon as I figure out how to get blogger to let me upload photos from my computer, I’ll post some!

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