Road to Tater Hill

Even though she married into it, I would say Edith Hemingway lives up to her name! On my trip to Ohio, I had the chance to read her debut novel, Road to Tater Hill.  It was tender and compelling with intriguing characters and an evocative 1960s rural setting. When 10-year-old Annie’s mom loses the little baby they’d all been eager to make part of their lives, something shifts. Mom withdraws further and further, forcing Annie to find comfort elsewhere. She finds it in a rock baby she “adopts” from the nearby creek and in a strange old woman who has sorrows of her own.

I passed the book on to Bill Prosser at Mary Emma Bailey School in Dublin, Ohio so some of his avid readers could also enjoy Annie’s story. I certainly look forward to reading more of Edie’s work!

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  1. Meredith:)

    This book sounds really interesting! Do you know if Mr. Prosser will buy a copy for our library?

    Meredith A.

    Bailey Elementary Student

  2. Caroline Starr Rose

    I used Edie’s REBEL HART in an after-school book club for my sixth and seventh-grade social studies students. A good number of them (even boys!) were really, really into the story of Nancy Hart and her adventures as a spy. One girl went on to read the book a dozen times.

    I emailed Edie with some questions, and she was as lovely as can be. Looking forward to reading Tater Hill.