Dear Mr. Jobs. . .I’m ticked off

I am hopelessly old fashioned, I guess. How else to explain that I could possibly think that if, after doing my research, an iPad 2 seemed like the tool for me, I could just bop on over to my local Apple Store yesterday afternoon and buy one?

What a silly, delusional girl I am! I stood there with my mouth open when the young Applet at the University Village store explained that all of the iPad 2s had been sold for the day.The entire front window was filled with iPad 2 images, siren calls to the unsuspecting buyer. How could there not be any to purchase?

I obligingly followed young Applet’s advice and returned to said store this morning at 9, only to be told that iPads were not usually delivered on Mondays. Again, the open mouth. The even younger Applet who greeted me helpfully suggested coming back tomorrow.

Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? Doesn’t our friend Steve Jobs know how many original iPads were sold? Wouldn’t that give him a clue as to how many 2s to build? I don’t understand this business model. Have we resorted back to a hunter gather society where the “thrill” of the hunt is part of the consumer process? That’s not my kind of thrill.
Of course, I can’t complain about this to my beloved son who does not suffer fools gladly, especially Apple-using fools. But I like Apple products and have been a MacBook user for maybe ten years now. Doesn’t that count for something, Steve?

Evidently not. 

I’ve decided I’ll give it one more try. And if I can’t get one tomorrow, I am going to rethink this purchase. Anybody got any suggestions? I want lightweight, ebook and ability to show keynote/powerpoint presentations.

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  1. Grier Jewell

    Wow. Don’t mess with The Kirby when she’s on a mission! Please tell me you left carnage in your wake. I would love that.

    At any rate, this sounds typical for a new Apple product. It’ll be selling for 50 cents this time next year, but by then everyone will be salivating for version 3.

    Since I live in a one-horse town, I buy electronics online. Ordering is easy and shipping is very fast. But to be honest, I’d rather see how your in-person rampage shakes out. You go girrrrl!

  2. TKL

    Yes, yes I do think it’s ridiculous. Just like everything else about Apple!

  3. Laura Canon

    My husband once had to be escorted out of an Apple store by security (very atypical for him). This was after they told me I couldn’t just drop into the store to get my battery replaced, I had to make an appointment.

  4. Emilie

    I want to wish you good luck in this venture, but alas, all my tech loyalty lies elsewhere. No Apple, Mac, or “i” products to be found in our house. But that “other” tech company that has employed my sweetie for the past five years doesn’t have what you seek. Yet. When they do, I will be on a similar mission:)

  5. Elaine Marie Alphin

    Good luck, Kirby. We’re another Apple-only tech household. The key to owning new Apple products is to either order them in advance (well before their release) or to wait until the hoopla wears off – I got my iPad 4 months after the initial release last year. Unfortunately, it’s going to be harder to wait this time, because the new battery for the iPad 2, highly touted for its battery life is made in Japan, or rather – it’s not being made in Japan right low. So good luck at the store tomorrow. You don’t want to be put on a waiting list. Get there before the store opens and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. You deserve an iPad 2 in my humble opinion, if that counts for anything!

  6. Kim Baker

    You might see my husband there tomorrow, Kirby. He hasn’t been trying that hard, but he hasn’t had any luck yet. I think you might be on to something with adding some thrill of the hunt for consumer buzz.

    Or the pressure to release them asap doesn’t allow for pre-release stockpiling and they just ship as they’re made.

    Good luck!

  7. Susan Kaye Quinn

    Little Applet = awesome! You crack me up! And I’m afraid I can’t help you; my husband has forbidden me from the Apple products (except an iPod). 🙂

  8. Barbara O'Connor

    I say don’t give up. (I didn’t know you could do PPT from iPad. That’s pretty cool!)

    Is ordering online any quicker?

    Give ’em hell, girl.