Out of My Comfort Zone

So I had an uncomfortable talk with my publicist the other day. You know, about THAT topic.

Sigh. Do I really have to?

She gently encouraged me to give it a try but, honestly, I’ve never been good at foreign languages and that is what Twitter seems like to me. Then Greg Pincus posted a note about an upcoming chat about apps and ebooks at #kidlitchat. These are two topics I do feel I should know more about. Double sigh. But, as if he could read my mind, Greg then posted a link to Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s explanation of Twitter chats. 
My publicist would be proud of me — I’m working through Debbie’s informative and helpful posts and maybe — just maybe — I’ll get what tweeting is all about.

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  1. Barbara O'Connor

    I love that you brought this up. I struggle with various marketing tacts all the time. I think I’ve decided that I work hard to do a lot of things I don’t really enjoy or want to do, so there has to be a balance somewhere. Some writers can and DO do all that stuff. Some writers enjoy it and are good at it. But some writers DON’T. If my career depends on Twitter, then I’m done for… I know social networking makes a difference and gets your presence out there. But the biggest and most important picture is that it takes good writing to build one’s career. And if I spend negative energy and time to do things I don’t like, then I’m taking away from my writing.

    I don’t get Twitter. I do it mainly by linking my blog.

    The fabulous Grace Lin once told me she has a limited number of “extrovert marbles” so she chooses carefully how she wants to use them. I think those marbles apply to other things too.

    How did I get on this rant?

    Stepping down from soapbox. Heh.

    (Oh – and NO disrespect toward your fabulous agent, of course….I totally understand. . It’s just that I feel your Twitter pain)

  2. Judy

    Hey Kirby,

    Social media is out of my comfort zone, too. What ever happened to solitary authors writing happily in a garret somewhere?


  3. Stasia

    I was so not into Twitter but my brother-in-law encouraged me to get an account (long story). Now I really enjoy it, especially Wednesday night #YALITCHATs. BTW, really enjoying your blog posts these days! Now going to check out the awesome Debbi R-O’s info–she’s awesome!

  4. Linda Benson

    Kirby – I was afraid of Twitter, also, but find that it’s a blast. You can be on there as much or as little as you want. I think you’ll find that lots of people in the publishing industry will follow you (all you have to do is follow some of them, and you’ll get lots of followers back.) People post all kinds of interesting links, as well as funny things about themselves, and you can reply or retweet or just sit there and read them.

    The most important thing at first, I think, is just to fill out the Bio section, so that when people click on your profile, they see that you are a published author, your books and think oh yeah, I know her (or would like to.)

    I tried to find you on there, and there is a Kirby Larson with only an egg shape and no description. Is that you? I was going to follow you but wasn’t sure. You can find me on there @LinBenson and follow me, and I’ll follow you back. I also found Greg Pincus’s articles, and Debbie’s, great stuff to learn from, but don’t get overwhelmed. Just jump in! Tweet something, and people will help you, honest.

    By the way, I just read Two Bobbies and Nubs and loved them both (and cried.)

    Good luck with twitter! Post your twitter handle on here so people reading this can find you!

  5. Susan

    I so empathize. It seems like there are so many diversions from writing. I cringe every time there’s yet another new one, and I wonder about how truly helpful social networking is. And yet, it’s great to read how and what others are doing in their writing careers, and there are many more opportunities for connecting with others in what can be a very solitary field. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  6. Laurie Thompson

    I find Twitter so much easier than blogging, and since you’re fabulous at blogging, you’re sure to be a superstar on Twitter! 🙂 Feel free to tweet me questions anytime. Just enter “D @lauriethompson and then your msg goes here”. I think you’ll learn to love it. Have fun!