Were you right?

On the most bitterly cold day of our Thanksgiving get-away to New York, we took a tour of Greenwich Village. Our guide was the penultimate New Yorker, elegantly tip to toe. I, on the other hand, looked like an Ellis Island reject, with two street vendor shawls wrapped over my wool coat. The theme of our tour was former residences of well-known artists and writers. As we shivered through the two-hours (I intend to take the tour again, in the spring or summer!), I felt as if we were flaneurs, strolling some quaint Paris streets. When you think of New York, do images like this come to mind? They don’t for me.

Old carriage houses in Greenwich Village

Look at the small door on the right!
Grove Court is an oasis in the city

This tweak of my stereotypical image of the Big Apple is a good reminder to myself to check for stereotypes in my writing, too. I can’t surprise the reader if I’m not surprising myself.

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  1. Krystel

    That first picture is from one of my favorite streets in NY, right by WA square park. 🙂 Glad you had a chance to see the city through new eyes! 🙂