Thank you!

If I had a brain in my head, I would’ve taken a camera with me to my Village Books visit today. No brain thus no photos of the great turn-out thanks to this article by Bellingham Herald reporter Robert Mittendorf (who is amazingly well-read in the realm of children’s literature!). Thank you Robert!

In the crowd were beloved familiar family faces (thanks Mom, Dad, Lisa, Dennis, Diane, Colton, Reid and Aima; Ginger, Judy, Grace and I know I’m forgetting someone!), old friends (Janet, Gale, Kory, Sher, Kathy, Emily, Sue, Sylvia. . .oh, my goodness too many to name) and new friends like Arden and Caleb and Naomi. Oh, and lovely person and fellow writer, Judy Enderle who has settled in Bellingham also came to support me. I also had the pleasure of meeting Clara Kelly, author of The Flamboya Tree, which is her story of being in a Japanese POW camp in Java. Can’t wait to read it!

There were some four legged guests as well, I’m sure there to meet Winston. He had been under the weather yesterday so opted for a day at home with Dad,  working on taxes, rather than riding north with me.

Thank you to Christina who was my host today and to Chuck and Dee whose wonderful bookstore is 2nd in the most successful independent bookstores in the country!! If you ever get the chance for a book event at Village Books, say yes!!

When I arrived home this evening, I found a belated Christmas present from my dear friend Mary. When she was here in October, I mentioned that I would like a pair of fingerless gloves for walking Winston. Kind soul that she is, she remembered and ordered me a darling pair. . .which were backordered and arrived today. Perfect timing for our cold weather!

Happy Saturday to you all.

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