My friend Grier is a Jewell

She is. In fact, her name is Grier Jewell which proves it and you had better learn that name fast because she will soon be taking the children’s/YA lit world by storm with her deliciously scary short stories and who knows what else. In the meantime, you can read her terrific insights and book reviews here and laugh out loud at her funny new website here.

No Responses to “My friend Grier is a Jewell”

  1. JEM

    I didn’t actually realize that was a person at first, so I thought you were talking about the dog. I’m glad we cleared that up, although I’m sad I’m not checking out the hilarious website of a dog.

  2. Grier Jewell

    Oh my. This is so incredibly sweet of you…and downright risky. I’ll do my best to make sure our association doesn’t sully your sterling reputation. Talk about pressure. 🙂