Doggone It

Not to mention any names but a certain writer friend of mine whose initials are Bonny Becker was giving me a hard time about how often Winston cropped up in my blog posts.
Ready for the seven seas! Aargh!

Adorable is my middle name

Furry Fashionista

Why, yes, I do deserve another treat!
Ahem. Besides, I don’t think he gets as much press in my blog as Ruby does in her writer’s blog.
I’m certain Bonny’s dog, Henry, wishes she would write more about him. I mean, what is up with writing about bears and mice when an adorable Shiba Inu lives in your household?

Who is your four legged companion? Winston and I want to know! And you can write about him or her as much as you want in your comment. We just won’t tell Bonny.

No Responses to “Doggone It”

  1. Susan

    Tucker would like to introduce himself to Winston. He’s an elderly Golden Retriever with a drooling problem. My critique group has patiently weathered through probably a few too many dog-hero stories. By the way, what kind of dog is Winston? He’s beautiful.

  2. Kirby Larson

    Susan, Winston loves EVERYONE, even drooly goldens. He is a King Charles Cavalier spaniel; if you watched the wonderful movie, The Young Victoria, you saw many of his relatives.

  3. Grier Jewell

    Hmm. Could Bonny be jealous because she can’t fit Henry into that sailor suit? (I saw her with a similar hat not long ago, with a tuft of fur in her hands and a look of longing.) Even though I have a huggable hound of my own (Popeye), I *always* look forward to postings featuring Winston.

  4. Catherine

    Love the naval outfit!

    My writing companion is Pablo, a nine-year-old pug. I don’t mention him much in my children’s lit blog. That’s because he’s gets an entire blog to himself over at Confessions of a of Pugophile, where I post about him and other goings-on in the world of dogs.

  5. Emilie

    We are cat people, and at the moment, one of them is sitting on my lap. Gwen is 4 and Blue is 9. We got them from the same shelter, but about a year apart. I prefer adult cats to kittens, so we got both of these lovies as adults. Even though I don’t want one in my house, I enjoy other people’s dogs. In fact, I was just thinking you hadn’t posted much about your puppy lately…:)

  6. Susan

    Those King Charles Cavalier’s are delightful dogs. Their temperaments remind me of smaller, less needy goldens. And yes, Tucker is my writing companion downstairs at my laptop. He’s normally not allowed upstairs when I write on the big screen,but lately he’s been sneaking up,looking a tad bit guilty. As long as he doesn’t fling drool on my keyboard, I like the company.

  7. bonnybecker

    I can’t believe it! You have even managed to worm Winston in under the guise of complaining about how you shouldn’t be teased about worming Winston in!

    Henry is jealous of the pirate suit, however.