Note to Grier

Dear Grier:

I tried. I really did. But Barbara would NOT let me buy her a cup of real coffee. Look what she brought in a baggy! She told me she even carried that evil Cafe Francais stuff around France! I’m thinking an intervention is in order if we ever get her to Seattle.



P.S. She did text me later that the powder spilled all out in her purse — maybe that will teach her!

Barbara O’Connor with her infamous Cafe Francais mix

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  1. Grier Jewell

    That wicked wicked grrrrl!

    So much for our nation’s increased security. I’m contacting the President immediately to request that Barbara O’ and her special “mix” be place on the TSA watch list. I can’t believe she got through a scanner with that in her system.

    Thank you for trying, Kirby. You can lead a horse to coffee…