Author on Overload

Home Saturday night from Montana; heading out tomorrow for North Carolina. When I got the suitcase out to pack, I had to face this face:

He’s not only miffed that I’m leaving — again! — he’s miffed because I won’t have time to post his Ask Winston feature tomorrow. He would absolutely do it except for that opposable thumb issue. So I’m asking your patience as well as Winston’s for another week.

Perhaps I can win your forgiveness with this montage of Montana photos. Central Montana is stunning! I kept expecting to see John Wayne ride over one of the distant hills. And I know it’s the same sky above all of us, but it really is true: the sky is bigger in Big Sky Country!

Denton First Graders–the entire class!

The ladies who read Hattie Big Sky

Lunch at the Shady Oaks Cafe with Sue Poser and Wanda Lucas–no, we did not have a Budweiser

Some of the kids at the Harlotown Theater

Harlo lunch buddies

Winners of copies of Hattie Big Sky

I make the big time!

Quilt show at Hobson School

Detail of Crazy Quilt that’s over 100 years old

Detail of autographed fan quilt from the 1920s

Hobson, Moore and Judith Gap kids in Hobson cafeteria

Quilt project — this one went home with the Judith Gap kids

I had lunch at one of the oldest bars in Central Montana

My darling new friend, Lois Hajenga. It was love at first sight!

Me and Hobson school buddies, including Karen Hickey, uber-teacher

One of the many, many welcome signs at Winnett school!

Winnett made me feel so welcomed

Some Two Bobbies and Nubs projects

Matthew’s thoughts about the Two Bobbies

Letters from Winnett “Hatties” to Winnett “Charlies — fabulous!

A bulletin board dedicated to Hattie Big Sky

Vocab words from Hattie Big Sky

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Third graders made quilts of their stories

Handmade needle case presented to me by its maker, Lois Hajenga, of Moccasin, Montana

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  1. Carrie

    Looks like a great trip! Loved all the quilts. What fun you must’ve had.
    Depending on where in NC you’re headed, you might just end up in God’s country.:-) I went to school near Asheville and it was lovely. Have a safe and happy trip.

  2. SWK

    What gorgeous memories. Tell Winston we’ll wait for his next post. Happy travels! – Stasia

  3. Toby Speed

    Such a nice post, Kirby. I love the needle case and your name on the marquee.

    By the way, I really like the “Ask Winston” feature you started. Great way to add juice to your blog, using your adorable dog.