An interview with yours truly

I know this should be an Ask Winston day, but the Wonder Dog is impatiently waiting to hear from a certain agent who promised to send word in answer to a recent question. . .

In the meantime, check me out, garbed in vintage dress (borrowed from beloved daughter), in an interview held immediately prior to my Fences Between Us book launch on September 11, at 3rd Place Books. Author Magazine editor,  Bill Kenower,  can even make me look good!

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  1. philip

    What do you mean make you look good? You look as beautiful as you are and sound so wise, which you also are. Slogging as I am through revisions, a cold, and a broken tooth, I needed to hear you and what you had to say. Suddenly the sun is out, and I can do it!

  2. Kirby Larson

    Philip, can you please move in here and be my cheerleader???!!!

    Sewsterhood –you will be pleased to know that my daughter’s mother in law (a darling woman) is making me another vintage dress, which will actually allow me to breathe, to help me celebrate The Fences Between Us, as well as the forthcoming book, The Friendship Doll. Check back in later for further postings.

  3. kcushman

    Umm, Philip has already moved in with me but he can call you whenever you need him. The message should have been signed by me but I am so technically challenged that, wel, you saw the result.

  4. Grier Jewell

    I keep wondering about your use of scene cards and the comment that you never get writer’s block because you can pick up a card and write out of order. What kind of impact does this have on your ability to reflect a character’s natural growth/change? Does this make it harder to make the plot character-driven, are you just naturally gifted, or am I making this too difficult to understand?