Wordy Wednesday

It takes me by surprise with each new book. I get ready to sign the very first copy to some eager and kind-hearted fan. . .and I stop. What words to write?

With Hattie Big Sky, I generally sign, “Dream as big as Hattie’s sky.” And in Two Bobbies it’s usually, “In celebration of good friends, both animal and human.” And librarian Diane Borchert gave me the perfect line for Nubs: “Be a real trooper, like Nubs.”

I had no idea what my “tag line” would be for The Fences Between Us. But desperation is the mother of invention and at my launch I found myself writing, “Here’s to building bridges, not fences.”

How do you decide to sign your books? As a recipient, do you even want a message from the author? (Of course, when people ask me to sign or sign and date only, that’s what I do.)

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. J. Elizabeth Mills

    I had the same thought at my book launch. What to write? I felt completely on the spot. My book is titled THE SPOOKY WHEELS ON THE BUS, and it’s a Halloween version of the popular preschool song. So I decided to switch between “Who might you meet on a spooky bus?” and “Where would you go on a spooky bus?” And then I wrote Happy Halloween and signed my name.
    I like your tag line a lot, Kirby. If you have a suggestion for me, I would be grateful!

  2. lurban

    For Crooked, I write: For the Crookedly Perfect Alicia (or Mike or Bubba, depending on the recipient, of course). For Mouse, I make a speech bubble coming out of mouse’s mouth. He says For Bubba, who is never, ever, mad. What a surprise to find that Henry Cole — the book’s brilliant illustrator — signs it the same way!

    I have no idea what I’ll do for Hound Dog True. Good thing I’ve got a year to think about it.