Ten in 2010

Are you up for three more months of this challenge to write a 10-word story? I’m game, if you are!
Perhaps it’s trite, but today’s theme reflects the season. I say “fall,” you may say “autumn.” Whichever, see if you can put together the season with 9 additional words to make a story.
Saddle shoes clip-clop
as I rein in excitement.
Second grade!
My saddle shoes were always the tan/brown ones.
I begged for loafers but my feet were too skinny to keep them on.    
Now it’s your turn!
(some may quibble whether clip-clop is one word or not; the hyphen is my salvation!)

No Responses to “Ten in 2010”

  1. Kate Higgins

    Leaves fall, apples fall, night falls too early. Welcome Autumn.

    (I love this kind of challenge, Kirby, it wakes up my brain!)

  2. Kate Higgins

    Saddle shoes were always too stiff and my mom always bought them at Red Goose (where you got a prize egg!) or at Buster Brown’s. I remember thinking it was terribly unfair that boys got to wear pants and penny loafers and I had to wear saddle shoes and a dress to school. Did you know you can’t do cart wheels in a dress, it isn’t lady like…just ask Mrs. Wilson my 2nd grade teacher. But you can climb apple trees if no one is looking!

  3. Grier Jewell

    “In a word”

    Kirby-has-a-tricksy-way-of-counting-to-ten-for-her-fall-challenge-but-who-am-I-to question?

    (Kate–I love your piece.)