Though I haven’t seen it in bookstores yet myself, rumor has it that The Fences Between Us is officially out! Yay!
I’m pretty proud of this book, inspired by the actions of Pastor Emery Andrews who chose to move his family to Twin Falls, Idaho so he could continue to minister to his congregants of Japanese descent sent to the Minidoka War Relocation Camp.

You know writers never stop editing. The one thing I wish I could change has nothing to do with the book — it has to do with the video Scholastic had made. One day last winter, a two-person crew –make-up artist and cameraman– pulled up in my driveway.

She had to wheel in her make-up kit!
Tools of the trade
I put myself in the hands of the makeup artist. . .and wished I hadn’t. 
Do I look nervous?
Mystery woman in the middle
 Every time I look at the video, I wonder who that woman is that’s talking about my book! Oh, well. . .

If you’re in the Seattle area on September 11, around 6:30 pm, please come help me celebrate the launch at 3rd Place Books in Lake Forest Park. There will be homemade cookies, baked using a WWII recipe, and I will be dressed in 40s attire, as will some of the bookstore folks. Feel free to dress up yourself and come!

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  1. sewsterhood

    I can identify with not feeling yourself in certain styles of makeup–for my ballet recitals, it was required that we wear fake eyelashes! You did a great job in the video and did look great, even if you didn’t feel like yourself. (By the way, I couldn’t get the above video link to work, but I did find the video through YouTube, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoewO0Y3KVo.)