Note to Self

My darling friend, Sara Easterly, recently posted a YouTube video to her facebook page in which moms were asked what advice they’d have given their new-mom selves.

That got me to thinking: what advice would you give your new-writer self, lo those many (or few. maybe you haven’t been at this as long as I have) years ago? I think I would tell myself three things:

  • It’s okay that you don’t know everything.
  • Don’t write what’s “in,” write what matters. Because what matters to you will matter to someone else. Trust me on this. I’m a mother. AND a writer.
  • When you start to get squirmy, you’re getting to the good stuff. Stick it out.

So what would you have advised your tender, uneasy, nervous writing self? I wanna know!

No Responses to “Note to Self”

  1. Martha Brockenbrough

    Oh! I’d say to think less about being “done” with something, and think more about ways of making it better.

    Sometimes, you’re so caught up with whether you can write a book that you’re relieved when you make it through a draft and have the urge to send it out then.

    Books get much better with time.

  2. dian

    Surround yourself with excellent writer friends who understand the ups and downs because they are walking the same path.

  3. Barbara O'Connor

    Don’t be afraid to break the rules.
    When you find your writing voice, listen closely to it and learn to recognize when you are losing it.
    What works for others doesn’t necessarily work for you.

  4. Augusta Scattergood

    When I was that tender, uneasy, nervous writing self, I started a zillion things and didn’t finish one of them. So I’d advise not giving up so easily, learning the writing basics, and keeping that butt in the chair, even if it means getting up to write before the little ones need breakfast.

  5. Michèle Griskey

    My advice–

    Don’t think you know what you’re going to write. You may end up falling in love with a style completely different–something you didn’t realize you had.