Lessons learned from a hatter

Not to mention any names, but someone in our household chewed up another person’s cherished fedora. This necessitated my finding someone who could repair puppy-coutured chapeaus.
And this led me to Alex Conley III, former thespian and wizard with his hands. You have to watch this video about his process.

Alexander Conley III – the Hatter from P. O’Brien | G. Miller on Vimeo.

Of course, what he said about hats off the rack not fitting made me think about being a writer. About how we have to start from scratch to find what really suits us. I think that’s so true! Kids always ask how many books I’ve written. Of course, they mean how many books have I had published. But I always tell them that I’ve written 20 or so books. And most of them were my practice books, the stories I tried on for size, the stepping stones leading me across the murky waters to what I, Kirby Larson, was supposed to write.

Now, if only I looked good in hats.

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  1. Grier Jewell

    I really would like a different hat, though. Even if it doesn’t fit. I would like to cram it on and see if maybe my head will change shape.