Wordy Wednesday

Ready for 4th grade with my Toni home perm and cats’ eye glasses

There is always an August day that brings rain. And after that, the air smells of warmed blackberries and sharpened pencils. The light is different, too –sharper and more focused, warming the early turning leaves to apricoty golds.

Fall has arrived.

I had commented over on my Facebook page that fall makes me want to buy a new lunchbox. It was great fun to see what fall and back to school memories others shared, including pleated wool skirts, saddle shoes and the smell of a new thermos (before you accidentally left the milk sitting in it overnight).

What words come to mind when you think of fall and heading back to school? Please share!

No Responses to “Wordy Wednesday”

  1. Kate Higgins

    The smell of crayons is like a multicolored high for me. I have been caught sniffing crayons even after my kids were well past the crayon stage. To me there nothing more filled with potential than a blank piece of paper and a brand new, never-been-used box of 64 colors!

  2. Grier Jewell

    Ah, yes. That. The scent of maple leaves and fear. My first day of school, it turned out, was not the first day at all. At least, not for kindergarten. There were just too many of us for Mom to keep track of, so she’d had us all get on the bus, then she left for work. I wandered around the playshed, panicked and confused.

    I’m in grad school now, but not much has changed. 😉

  3. Katie

    The look, feel, and scents of everything new…paper, pencils, notebooks, crayons…and that feeling of going back to the familiar and starting anew at the same time.

  4. Julie Reinhardt

    So much of fall memories are of scents for me – leaf piles, apples, new books (I still bury my nose in new books and breath deeply), new clothes, and this one portable in grade school. It had a smell like nothing I’ve ever encountered. It was good, but odd, and I have no idea what made it smell the way it did. I can conjure it up in my scent memory bank, though, at any time.