Wily Winston

By now, you know I think the world revolves around Winston the Wonder Dog. He is one adorable doggy. . .and smart, too. Had us trained in no time.

And now he’s taught me yet another lesson. We were walking on the spit, near Shangri-Lar, and he was on the trail of a bunny rabbit. Nose down, he was intent on finally capturing one of those wily hoppers. He was so intent, in fact, that he didn’t even notice that a creature of the cotton tail variety skedaddled right past him.

I didn’t laugh at him, however. Because as we walked on, I realized I had pulled a Winston with my WIP. I had been so focused on following one trail in my story that I wasn’t keeping my eyes open to other, stronger possibilities.

Winston’s little lesson hit me over the head like the proverbial hammer and I came home to rewrite a key scene the way it should have been all along.

I still intend to keep my nose to the trail, but I also plan to look up every now and again to make sure a really good idea isn’t hopping the other way.

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