Ten in 2010

August is the 8th month; and this is the eighth time I’ve had to generate a theme for the Ten in 2010 challenge. This task is harder than it appears; do not try at home.

Seriously — do try at home. Try your hand at creating a ten word story and try to suggest a theme for one of the four remaining months in this year (not that I’m counting, or anything).

Since I’m in a numerical frame of mind, let’s go with “eight” as our prompt this month.

New Mother

Am I strong enough
to carry these precious eight pounds?

No Responses to “Ten in 2010”

  1. Grier Jewell

    “Twice told tale”

    Seven ate nine and ten before it got sick(s).

    (Yes, seven ate nine is an old joke, and sick(s) is a bit of a stretch. You didn’t say this had to be artful.)